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Guiding Principles

The guiding principles as set out below will be used as part of the criteria for determining acceptability of advertisements for display on the Stuart Nechako eCommunity:

A Commitment to the Needs of the Community
The development and use of the information and communications technology are to be grounded in the needs, capacities, and priorities of the entire region.

A Commitment to Equity
Each initiative is committed to recognizing the needs and capacities of all members of the community including those who experience disadvantages based on ability, gender, income, language, education level, race and ethnicity, age, sexual orientation and geographical location.

A Commitment to Cooperation and Collaboration
Every aspect shares a commitment to cooperate and collaborate within our communities to promote inclusiveness and participation, and to share and communicate with other communities across Canada about our eCommunity called enabled through the Smart Choices Society eCommunity for My Community Grant.

A Commitment to Inform, Involve and Inspire
We have a commitment to on-going communication and meaningful consultation with a broad range of community residents, representing different socio-economic, age and cultural backgrounds.

A Commitment to Social Responsibility
We have a commitment to enhance the social and economic development of each community member. All initiatives must be committed to narrowing the gap between those who have resources and those who do not.

A Commitment to Fairness and Choice
Each citizen shall have public access to both electronic and traditional forms of information and communications technology and, where possible, a variety of means of access to public information and services. Points of access will not favour one type of information source or method of service delivery over another.

A Commitment to Sustainability
Each project is to be designed and implemented to promote longevity and sustainability at the individual, community and business levels. The ultimate goal is to enhance people's abilities while at the same time developing projects that have a long-lasting, economic development generating, and effective impact on the whole community.

A Commitment to Continuous Improvement
We are committed to developing, implementing, measuring, and evaluating projects that deliver improved services to all of our citizens in areas of education, wellness, government services, business and industry, employment, library and information services, lifelong learning, culture and arts.

A Commitment to Safety, Confidentiality and Privacy
We have a commitment to ensure each project and its enabling technology does not violate or contribute to threatening an individual's privacy and safety.

A Commitment to Service Excellence
The delivery of services and the operations of our products will be embedded in the principles of service excellence (courteous, prompt, knowledgeable, accurate, responsive, efficient, reliable).

Advertising Guidelines

In addition to the Guiding Principles, the advertising approval authorities will use the following guidelines:

  • The web site is not a commercial enterprise, but businesses and community groups may be permitted to purchase advertising in specific areas of the portal to promote themselves and their activities.
  • The web site has family audiences and content should therefore be appropriate for that audience which may include children.
  • Tobacco advertising will not be permitted.
  • Liquor advertising will not be permitted.
  • Advertising promoting religious beliefs will not be permitted.
  • We will reserve the right to restrict advertising from, or for, political campaigns, political parties or candidates for elected positions in terms of location on the web site, and relative to the timing of an election or specific public debate.
  • Advertisements cannot mislead the user or resemble content contributed by another party within the web site environment. 
  • Advertisements cannot mimic news headlines in design, tone, 3rd person sentence structure, or topic and may be required to be labeled as advertising.
  • Content must relate to the good or service being advertised or displayed.
  • Community or Event Announcements are synonymous with advertisements in these guidelines and principles. 
  • Banner Advertising will not appear on the Home Page, or sections relevant to non-commercial Community activities and values, but smaller display ads may appear in limited numbers.
  • Pop up Advertising is not permitted.
  • Starburst Ads may appear as part of a specific item; e.g. Calendar Events or Community Directory entries may use small iconic elements designed to prompt the users to click and follow a link to the advertisers' location.

"Banner Ad" means: A large advertisement intended to span the top, bottom, left or right, section of the screen with one single advertising message.

"Display Ad" means: Smaller single purpose advertisements, square, circular or oval in shpage, that do not span more than 1/8" of the screen space.

"Pop Up Ad" means: Any advertising technique that creates a message that appears over top of the viewing surface, and/or that launches its own viewing surface with no action from the user.

"Starburst Ad" means: Small icon, usually but not necessarily shaped like a star or multi-pointed starburst, containing words such as "New!" or "See More!" or "Just Changed!"

"Community or Event Announcement" means: an advertisement or announcement for an event or meeting by a non-profit or community or agency group or individual community member.

Users who wish to purchase banner ads are required to provide their own graphic files as per our specifications. We do not provide graphic files, and do not develop them for advertisers.

Advertising content must be submitted to staff for review and approval. We reserve the right to preserve the user experience of the Portal with reference to the Guiding Principles. reserves the right to remove any advertisement which is deemed annoying and/or harmful to our users.

How to Apply to Place an Ad
Advertisers must submit, for initial review, their advertisement content in accordance with procedures established. We reserve the right to refuse any advertising request at any time.

Advertisements and/or Community or Event Announcements will then be reviewed by a staff who will make the final decision on advertisement approval and placement on the web site within the guidelines established on the Policy.

Those who wish to appeal a decision of staff to approve or not approve an advertisement will submit their appeal in writing to staff who will place the appeal on a management team or Board of Directors agenda with a report outlining the rationale for the approval or disapproval.

Market fees may be charged for advertising content. These fees are set at the discretion of management.

Fees may be different for not-for-profit groups than for businesses, and fee structures may be modified to support values other than revenues.

Fee schedules are currently under development and will be available soon. Please check back.