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OBAC Board of Directors

Local governments and First Nations across the OBAC region are currently confirming their representatives on the new OBAC Board. Since December 2005 the organization has been governed by an Interim Board of Directors. The confirmed OBAC Board will direct the initiative through the next phase of activity aimed at delivering a diversification plan for the region. Discussions also continue with First Nations in the OBAC region to welcome First Nations Directors to the OBAC Board. The OBAC has been registered as an official Society and will conduct its activities within the terms of a constitution accepted by the province of BC through the Societies Act.

OBAC General Manager

The Board of Directors of the Omineca Beetle Action Coalition (OBAC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Elizabeth Andersen as General Manager. Elizabeth was the Interim General Manager during the first ‘start up’ year for OBAC guiding the important organizational set up, fact finding and priority setting. Continuing on as the General Manager, Elizabeth will be busy over the next few months working with the Board, local governments and stakeholders across the region to ramp up OBAC activities. She will coordinate and manage the activities and projects led by the Coalition and ensure the timely delivery of an economic development and diversification plan for the region. Elizabeth is a Registered Professional Agrologist with over 12 years experience working across various natural resource sectors with industry, local and senior governments, First Nations, non-profit organizations and post-secondary institutions on integrated and sustainable resource management initiatives.

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OBAC General Manager
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Mayor Len Fox
OBAC Chair
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